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The "factory activated" batteries are ready to use and offer a better performance even after a high number of recharge cycles. The adoption of AGM (absorbent glass material) technology makes it possible to develop a more robust battery, resistant to vibrations and without acid leakage. Each model is designed to guarantee effectiveness, durability and greater power whatever your riding style.

Do you want to find out which BS SLA battery is suitable for your motorbike/scooter? Click here to download the application table!




no acid handling

•Possibility of multi-position installation, with inclination up to 90°

•Low self-discharge,

during the storage period

• SLA MAX batteries:

- Higher capacity

- Remarkable resistance to vibrations

- Greater power and longer life

- Spacers for HD included

•Approved by manufacturers

• Ready to use, you just need to install them

• AGM technology, Absorbed Glass Material

• VRLA batteries, with gas recombination,

Valve Regulated Lead Acid

• Fully sealed, factory activated

• Environmentally friendly, no acid and

therefore no risk of leakage dhimself

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